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Media Relations

The greatest product in the world will never change the world if it remains beneath the general public's radar. The same can be said of great people and organizations. Media engagement is still the most efficient way to raise the profile of any person, business or organization. I believe in strategic media practices that focus on crafting solid messaging points to distribute across specific outlets and through targeted reporters.

Digital Strategy

As we are fully immersed in the digital age, I bring value by having an in-depth understanding of the various audiences and platforms that they use. Building upon a thorough audit of each client's website and current channels, we can identify digital weak points and opportunities for content development. The additional development of a distribution strategy tailored to your chosen platforms leverages content for optimal use. 

Content Development

The goal for every client is to advance the voice of the brand and organizational goals through thoughtful written collateral. The development of tailored communications will ensure that the message remains consistent across platforms and branding materials.